Tuesday 21 September 2010

The New Me

Welcome to the Hot Hell Darkness.  The new series of Grizzly is launched at MIPCOM JR. 

Narated by Nigel Planer
Written, co directed and co produced by Jamie Rix
Co directed and co produced by Sara & Simon Bor

A Grizzly TV Production for Nickelodeon UK and ITV Global Entertainment

Thursday 26 August 2010

Nigel Planer on Tour with Dr Who

Nigel Planer on the Michael Ball Show     HERE

The Doctor Who news page as announced that The voice of Grizzly Tales and former star of The Young Ones, Nigel Planer is to take a lead role in the upcoming Doctor Who Live Tour.

Planer is best known for his role as TV hippy Neil in the classic comedy series but he has also appeared in many West End musicals, including Evita, Chicago, We Will Rock You, Wicked and Hairspray.

The live show, first announced in May, is touring nine UK cities this Autumn and will feature Daleks, Cybermen, Clockwork Droids, Silurians and Weeping Angels.

Planer will act as the production's linchpin, starring as traveling showman Vorgensen who journeys the galaxy spreading tales of the Doctor's exploits and using his 'minimiser' gadget he can conjure up any of the Time Lord's foes for his audience.

Looking forward to the production Planer said
I'm incredibly excited to be joining Doctor Who Live and this role is something of a boyhood dream come true. My character Vorgenson, who has been developed specially for the show by Steven Moffat, is the Greatest Showman in the Galaxy and using his incredible invention, The Minimiser, he can make any Doctor Who character appear on stage as part of his travelling show dedicated to his hero.

Matt Smith will appear via filmed sequences which have been made just for the stage show and renowned illusionists The Twins have devised stunts which will enable a Dalek to be seen flying during the performances.

Actor Nick Briggs, who has voiced numerous monsters for the series including Daleks and Cybermen, will also be in the live cast, playing Winston Churchill in addition to some of the villains.

The tour begins at London's Wembley Arena on October 8 with further details at www.doctorwholive.com.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

13 Completed

I've heard on the grapevine, that the new Grizzly Tales series is in Post Production. The first 13 episodes will be delivered to Nickleodeon and ITV Global Entertainment this week. A further 13 are still at the animation stage.

Uncle Grizzly

Monday 21 June 2010


Hope you are enjoying Grizzly on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons. They are showing series 1 and 2 at the moment.

Bad news though. I didn't get that job at the Hot Hell Darkness. It's gone to my half brother (on my mother's side), The Night Night Porter, so I'm staying back here in the Squeam Screen, while he is currently filming brand new episodes of our favourite TV series. It's just not fair, I just get to see the old shows while he locks up all the bad children in the world. And as you know, THAT'S EVERY CHILD, they are ALL BAD.

All the best

Uncle Grizzly