Wednesday 24 April 2013

Tube Mice Remembered

The blog site, London Particulars, has an article comparing Honeycomb Animation's Tube Mice from 1988, with two modern day series for Cbeebies, Rastamouse and Underground Ernie.

"Those who do remember it tend to recall it as some sort of children’s version ofMinder – not entirely unreasonable, as George Cole basically reprises his Arthur Daly role as the teddy-boy mouse Vernon and Dennis Waterman plays his sidekick, a punk mouse named Toaster.  The series, as the name implies, was about the adventures of the mice who live on the London Underground. The protagonists were Bubble, a lifelong Londoner (seen right – the aforementioned Rastafarian mouse) and Squeak, a country mouse newly arrived in the city. Vernon and Toaster might be allies or antagonists, depending on the demands of the story. Other characters included mouse equivalents of various London types, including a bohemian artist and an MP (affiliation unknown)."

The full article can be read HERE.

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