Friday 14 June 2013

Gruesome Kids for September

Broadcast's Best Children's Entertainment winner for 2012 finally get a UK DVD release on the 30th September.

Grizzly Tales already shares Orion Books as publishers with its former Citv stable-mate, Horrid Henry: now they are reunited once again by joining his DVD label, Abbey Home Entertainment.

Since leaving ITV for Nickleodeon's NickToons, Grizzly Tales has only been available to pay TV subscribers. Abbey will start their programme of releases with Series 7 part 1.

You can pre-order at Amazon for only £7.40. Also available at Play.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

New Series DVDs on the way

The latest series of Grizzly Tales will be available in the UK later on in the year. As NickToons is not available to Freeview, this will be the first opportunity for non-pay TV viewers to see the Nickelodeon version of the series.

More details to follow in the coming months.