Tuesday 22 July 2008


Grizzly Tales is back on the CITV channel, every weekday from 3.30pm to 4.00pm.

Wednesday 16 July 2008


Doc Martin star Caroline Catz recons that Grizzly Tales is one of the best children's series ever. See the link.

Sunday 13 July 2008


Grizzly Tales will be back on CITV this summer.

Turn off the games console, put away the board games and come feast your eyes on cartoon awesomeness this summer with CITV.

Totally Summer runs from July until September and there will be a veritable banquet of new shows featuring throughout the event.

There will be brand new cartoons airing such as The Adventures Of Paddington Bear, Skyland and Pokemon!

CITV will also be the only place to watch marathon episodes of your favourite shows such as Horrid Henry, Supernormal, Grizzly Tales, Jacob Two Two, Captain Scarlet, Rupert and many many more.

And the fun doesn’t stop there, there’s also tons to do online at the CITV website where kid’s can play games, check out the latest gossip and entertainment news as well as checking out the times of their favourite programmes.

Chooseday Tuesdays will also be back every Tuesday, where viewers get to vote for their much-loved episodes on www.itv.com/citv

Monday 30 June 2008


Two new Grizzly Tales books are out on July 1st.

Grizzly Tales 7. The Gnaughty Gnomes of "NO!" by Jamie Rix
Grizzly Tales 8. Superzeroes by Jamie Rix

Away from the Hothell Darkness ('You'll never leave ...') we book our passage on a rusting hulk at the bottom of the ocean floor, The Hard Ship Grizzly. Read and weep the tales of the wicked children who were too naughty, too selfish, too rude or just ... too much.

Also out on July 1st is the 6th Audio book in the series.
The Me Monsters 3.2.

Grizzliness is out there. Every child has the makings of mischievousness, and can be lured into committing dastardly deeds. The three stories on each of the Grizzly Tales CDs show the rise and hard fall of vile and villainous children. The third title in the all-new Grizzly Tales series captures the crimes of the 'ME!' monsters - those vain, selfish, greedy little children who want only the best for themselves, usually at the expense of everyone else. Hear the shrill explosion of breaking glass as all those mirrors shatter one by one! Stories: The Blood Doctor, The Ugly Prince and Big Head

Wednesday 4 June 2008

Off on my holls.

I'm off on holiday, so the current run of Grizzly has come to an end on CITV, but it will be back soon. I'll let you know when it's back on air.

Thursday 22 May 2008


Orion Books have made the new Grizzly Tales books and CDs available as downloads. have a look at www.orionbooks.co.uk (see the grizzly link)

Grizzly Tales: Six new books by Jamie Rix available now.
CDs Read by Rupert Degas

Funny, shocking, rude and anarchic stories, perfect for the 7-9 market.

Grizzliness is out there. Every child has the makings of mischievousness, and can be lured into committing dastardly deeds. The six stories in each of the Grizzly Tales books show the rise and hard fall of vile and villainous children. In this book, parents and teachers are to blame for the murk and misery of the children's lives. Luckily, there are top tips for dealing with gruesome grown-ups - although no child is clever enough to defeat the Darkness completely ...

Thursday 15 May 2008

North American DVDs

Spidleshanks has a web friend in the states. She lost her husband sometime ago, apparently he was delicious.

Anyway, the news from across the pond is that those nice people at Porchlight have released the first series of Grizzly Tales on two region 1 discs. "A Tangled Web" and "Dr Moribundus".

Gruesome DVDs Downunder

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids - Entire Series - 6-DVD Box Set

Spindleshanks has just had a package from his Aunt Funnelweb in Sydney.

TIMELIFE have released all six series of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome kids on DVD in Austrailia and New Zealand. Certificate PG. Distributed by Shock Records.

They come in three double DVD volumes and look nice on Spindleshank's shelves, and he can even watch them on his region 2 player.


Tuesday 13 May 2008

Grizzly on CITV

You are welcome to Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, cautionary tales for lovers of squeam, every day on the CITV channel at 5.30. Miss it if you dare!