Thursday, 22 May 2008


Orion Books have made the new Grizzly Tales books and CDs available as downloads. have a look at (see the grizzly link)

Grizzly Tales: Six new books by Jamie Rix available now.
CDs Read by Rupert Degas

Funny, shocking, rude and anarchic stories, perfect for the 7-9 market.

Grizzliness is out there. Every child has the makings of mischievousness, and can be lured into committing dastardly deeds. The six stories in each of the Grizzly Tales books show the rise and hard fall of vile and villainous children. In this book, parents and teachers are to blame for the murk and misery of the children's lives. Luckily, there are top tips for dealing with gruesome grown-ups - although no child is clever enough to defeat the Darkness completely ...

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