Sunday 10 April 2011

Series 7 Episode Guide


Here are the 13 episodes which make up the 7th series of Grizzly Tales

NickToons will air series 8 later on in 2011

1 Tinklebell
2 Sick To Death
3 The Ugly Prince
4 Hear No Weevil See No Weevil
5 The Rise and Fall of The Evil Guff
6 Cat’s Eyes
7 Message in a Bottle
8 Little Angel
9 The Dragon Moth
10 The Long Face
11 Kingdom of Wax
12 The Spelling Bee
13 The Flat Pack Kid

1 comment:

  1. There's interesting now - four new stories exclusive for this series? That I'd be keen to see.

    Plus, points for retitling Ep.12 "The Spelling Bee". I was secretly hoping for that ;-)