Tuesday 31 May 2011

Death By Chocolate on NickToons tonight @ 10

It's Death by Chocolate, a favourite from Fearsome Tales for Fiendish Kids on NickToons at 10pm tonight in the UK and Ireland, followed by The Wooden Hill, a story from Ghostly Tales for Ghastly Kids.

At the same time, Nickelodeon is showing four more classic episodes. 

Sunday 29 May 2011

Sunday on Nicktoons

Today at mid day, on NickToons for the UK and Ireland, 4 episodes of classic Grizzly Tales, including Simon Sulk, Urban Fox, When the Bed bugs Bite & Spoilport.

Then at 4pm, 4 episodes from the new series.

As ever, at 10 pm over on Nickelodeon, there will be 4 more classic episodes. While at the same time, NickToons shows two further episodes.

Saturday 28 May 2011

Meet author Jamie Rix at The Roald Dahl Museum

For 7 to 11 year olds and their grown ups: find out how inspiration for fantabulous, exciting stories can come from the most ordinary of things. Jamie Rix, author of the Grizzly Tales books, reads some of his fun-packed stories and talks about how his books came to be. £4 per person
Workshops at 1pm and 3pm. £4 per person in addition to Museum entry.

81-83 High Street, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire HP16 0AL

Thursday 2 June

Thursday 26 May 2011

Not Just Grizzly Tales

Founded by Simon and Sara Bor, Honeycomb Animation has been producing animation since 1982, including Mop & Smiff (1985 for BBC), the award winning Tube Mice (1988 for TSW/CiTV), Frootie Tooties (1992 for TSW and Channel 4) and two series of the adult production Beastly Behaviour (1994-95 for WDR and Channel 4). 

Four series and three Christmas specials of Wolves, Witches and Giants (1995-99) were made for CiTV.  Narrated by Spike Milligan, the series’ awards include the Royal Television Society’s ‘Best Children’s Entertainment’. Sales have been made to upwards of 100 territories, including the Disney Channel in the US. Binka for CBeebies ,  Lost in the Snow for CiTV and Funky Valley and Funky Town for Channel 5 and of course the BAFTA nominated and multi award winning Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

Keep your eyes open for re runs of Wolves Witches & Giants on CITV and Funky Valley on Milkshake.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Wiki likes

The Wikipedia page  for Grizzly Tales has been updated, and now includes lists of all TV and published stories.

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Jamie Rix: On Tour in Argyll and Bute

On Monday 16th May Chris and Heather from the Scottish Book trust's children's team set off on another Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour. This time they were taking the hilarious Jamie Rix, author ofGrizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury and many more, to Argyll and Bute. They had a wonderful time, but what did Jamie think of the tour? Read on to find out in this incredibly long but highly entertaining blog...

Find it  Here

Superstitious Nonsense

It's Superstitious Nonsense tonight on Nickelodeon @ 10pm, which features one of the nastiest ends to a classic Grizzly Tale. It invoves a skydiving cow, a coffin and a lot of tomato ketchup.

Monday 23 May 2011

Tonight on Nickelodeon

Four more classic Grizzly Tales at 10pm on Nickelodeon for the UK & Ireland tonight.

First off is the People Potter, first designed for the cover of More Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

Saturday 21 May 2011

The Good News

Some tweeters are enjoying the new series, others don't like the change in style, most like both versions.  Here are some nice comments.
Grizzly Tales, WHAT A PROGRAM.
Ooo I love grizzly tales for gruesome kids :P
i love grizzly tales for gruesome kids.. does anyone else or is it just me?

watching new grizzly tales HOT HELL DARKNESSS AHAHAHAHAHA

grizzly tales for gruesome kids is the way forward!

Omg I love grizzly tales for gruesome kids its totals a new series made my day.

Tweets in May Scarey Tales

More recent Tweets, some find Grizzly Tales a bit scarey.

you know horror films are not for you when you're scared watching grizzly tales - a programme designed for children aged 8+
Grizzly tales for gruesome kids.. Am I tha only 1 that finds that a lil scary???
Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids is on! I had a love/hate relationship with that show when I was little. It freaked me out.
i'm s***ting myself at grizzly tales for gruesome kids.

Friday 20 May 2011

Tweets in May, when we were kids

Lots of Tweets this month about Grizzly nostalgia and fondly remembered childhoods.

Hawhaw the stuff my sister watches is nippy, shes wayching grizzly tales or something, used to watch that when I was like 5
grizzly tales for gruesome kids never gets old!

What was your favorite TV show as a child? — Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids... I used to practically run home fro…
Watching grizzly tales for gruesome kids, used to love this!

What TV show do you wish was still on the air? — um, grizzly tales for gruesome kids, i loved that show so much

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids is on! I had a love/hate relationship with that show when I was little. It freaked me out.

i dont watch famous five, i used to watch jonas la, have u ever seen grizzly tales for grousome kids?
no i haven't seen grizzly tales, what is it?
I'm watching Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids with my lil bro on 606*” :-o I used to love that show

Tweets in May, Bring back the Spider

Here's a selection of Tweets from this month asking for the return of Spindleshanks

RT if you want to bring back Spindleshanks to Grizzly tales for gruesome kids!

We want Spindleshanks! (Grizzly tales for gruesome kids)


bring on the commiedion spindleshanks!!!!!!! come on jamie plz?

Thursday 19 May 2011

Rix in Scotland

The Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Jamie Rix

Grizzly Author Jamie Rix is on tour in Scotland this week Details here.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Terror Toilet

Don't sit down!!!! There's something nasty down the loo, tonight on Nickelodeon in the UK and Ireland. It's the second of four episodes at 10pm.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Bogies in the morning

Another chance to see the multi award winning Revenge of the Bogeyman on NickToons at 11.15 am on Wednesday morning

Tonight @ 10 Caution for cat lovers

Cat Burglar is one of three classic grizzly tales on Nickelodeon in the UK and Ireland tonight.  Caution, cat lovers may find some scenes distressing.

New Gruesome Grown Ups no 8

Angella meets her match with the Undead Dead.

New Gruesome kids 26

Ep 26  The Nuclear Wart

Jim and Terry Ganglion's fight over which oil is best for salad dressing puts the world in danger.

Friday 13 May 2011

Grizzly heads for New Zealand

The new series is heading for New Zealand and is lined up to be on terrestrial TV in the autumn.  ITV Global recently announced that ABC in Australia would also be on board to take the new series and a DVD release down under is on the cards.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

New Gruesome Grown Up no 7

Old Macdonald
Shortsighted Chicken Farmer. He could be the death of you.

New Gruesome Kid no 24

Ep 24 The Wrapman

Carlton never sends thank you letters, so his parents send for the Wrapman.

Tuesday 10 May 2011

New Gruesome Grown Up no 6

Poor William is a tiny man grows on a pear tree

New Gruesome Grown Up no 5

The Blood Doctor changes chlidren's bad blood. Unfortunately this tiny doctor who arrives astride his motorbike uses vinegar instead of blood.

New Gruesome Kid no 23

  • Ep 23 The Little Flower Girl

Set in the future, when Manchester is surrounded by desert, at a time when only the super rich can grow flowers, Petal causes so much damage to the flowers in her parebt's garden that she is put into the care of The Little Flower Girl, a judicial doll whose job it is to teach children NOT to pick every flower they see.

Monday 9 May 2011

New Gruesome Grown Up no 4

The Dragon Master

Looks after the giant Dragon Moth at the end of the world

Animation Workshops can be Grizzly

Grizzly Tales producer Honeycomb Animation is opening it's Devon based studio for workshops over the summer, and exhibiting art work by Sara and Simon Bor as part of Devon Open Studios in September


In March Artist and Lecturer Louise Watkins led the ‘Drawing from the Heart’ workshop, an introduction to intuitive drawing techniques.   

Louise is scheduled to come back and teach a similar workshop in October 2011
 The ‘Introduction to Animation’ workshop in April focused on traditional drawn animation techniques. 

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer Animation Workshop parties, a 2 hour session of drawn, stop frame animation and pixilation, for a maximum of 10 children aged between 8 and 12 years. In August we are have a 2 day holiday animation workshop for children aged 8 and over (limited places available). 
From June we are launching a monthly drawing class on Monday mornings.
For a full programme of forthcoming events contact studio@honeycombanimation.co.uk 

Check out Honeycomb's Workshop page HERE

New Gruesome Kid no 22

Ep 22 The Undertaker

A Gruesome Kid joins the gruesome grown-ups as Gulab becomes the country's youngest MP.

Sunday 8 May 2011

Grizzly Month of May continues on Nick

Lots of Grizzly Tales, old and new tomorrow on Nickelodeon and NickToons in the UK & Ireland.

NickToons have 2 episodes at 6am
2 more at 8.30 am
At 11 am catch four classic episodes from series 1

Death by Chocolate (as cover of Fearsome Tales)
The Wooden Hill
The Spaghetti Man
& Grandmother's Footsteps

There are 2 more episodes at 6pm
Then Head in the Clouds & Dirtie Bertie at 10 pm

Also at 10 over on the main Nickelodeon channel, 4 more Grizzly Tales.

Will Spindleshanks ever return?

We've recently heard from Spindleshanks himself, that he is enjoying life on the south coast now that he's left the Squeam Screen.  One wonders what might happen if he ever decides to move downstairs to The Hot-Hell Darkness. I'm sure the Night Night Porter would give him a very warm welcome.

Friday 6 May 2011

National Geographic Kids talks to Jamie Rix

You can read the Jamie Rix interviw for National Geographic Kids   HERE

Tonight on Nick Top Hat

Tonight on Nickelodeon at 10pm in UK & Ireland, 4 classic episodes including "The Top Hat"

 The new series continues on NickToons at 8.30am & 6pm

New Gruesome Kid no 21

Ep 21 Nails in her Coffin

Griselda encouages her cat to kill the local wildlife.

New Gruesome Kid no 20

  • Ep 20 Frank Einstein’s Monster

Frank Einstein wants build the best Guy in the village. He steals body parts from all the other competitors' Guys and stitches together a freakish Guy who comes to life like Frankenstein.

New Gruesome Grown Up no 3

The Good Fairy, who puts the Ugly spell on Price Spencer.

Thursday 5 May 2011

Win Grizzly Tales with Primary Times

Primary Times competion

New Gruesome Kid no 19

  • Ep 19 Lazybones
Ida is a big girl because she lives on the sofa and does nothing for herself. Deciding that she needs to get off the sofa for her health, her parents try to interest Ida in a more active lifestyle and enter her for a Charity Walk. But she refuses to co-operate and will not be moved. This means that when an avenging skeleton called Boneshaker arrives, she is a sitting duck

New Gruesome Kid no 18

  • Ep 18 The Worm
Eustace Colon eats worms, because it grosses out girls especially his little sister. 

Her revenge is sweet however, when she introduces a tapeworm to the worm farm where he breeds the worms that he eats.

New Gruesome Grown Up no 2

Vacuum cleaner salesman Hoshima Shark.  His cleaner will suck the sick out of anything.

New Gruesome Grown Up no 1

It's not just the kids who are gruesome in Grizzly Tales. The Grown Ups have their faults as well.

Meet TINKELBELL the bad fairy, who makes children, and their parents, eat more than their greens.

Chris's Blog

Here's a nice overview of the whole world of Grizzly Tales by Chris Singore you can read it HERE

When's Grizzly on TV?

Don't have NickToons programmes in your listing magazine, now digiguide.tv is offering to text you when your favourite programme is about to air.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Series 8 ep4

 Nerves of Steel

Charlie Chicken.  SuperZero.

Series 8 episode 3

  •  The Apostrophic Expositor 

B.S. Brogan is a girl who talks fifteen to the dozen and does not believe in using punctuation when he writes, because punctuation stops the flow of words. A blonde monk with wooden teeth answers Mr and Mrs Brogan’s parent’s plea for a tutor to teach their son how to write properly.

Was Nigel always a Gruesome Kid?

This Daily Mail article, suggests that Nigel Planer may have been a genuine gruesome kid, years before he became the voice of Grizzly Tales

Grizzly books & Bunny Boy

Nickelodeon are re showing the gruesome Grizzly Tales episode, Bunny Boy, tonight, you can read the full script by Jamie Rix  HERE

Jamie's Web Site also has details of all the Grizzly books and a further download to read.

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Monty's Python

Monty's Python , The Grizzly Tales  ITV DVD release, is back in stock at Play.com

Made in Devon

ThisisDevon  has a feature about Grizzly Tales co directors and producers, Sara & Simon Bor.

Series 8 episode 2

  •  The Hair Fairies

Living just outside Totnes in Devon, in a country house called Little Babylon, renowned for its gardens full of hedge sculptures, Peacebiscuit is the son of the  Hippy Lord. Father and son have beautiful hair given to them by the Hair Fairies.

Win a Day in Devon

Nickelodeon have a fab new competion, see details HERE.  Your chance to win an Animation workshop day out in Devon at Honeycomb Animation's studio.

Series 8 episode 1

  • series 8 ep 1 The Blood Doctor

Vain Georgina, aka Gorgeous George, will do anything to become a beauty queen. Her parents seek to alter her nasty behaviour by asking the Blood Doctor to change her bad blood.

Monday 2 May 2011

More Grizzly on Nick

The new series continues at 8.30 am and 6pm on NickToons in the UK and Ireland.

Meanwhile Nickelodeon are showing the original series at 10pm. Tuesday sees the award wining Revenge of the Bogeyman and three other episodes.

New Gruesome Kid no 13

Ep 13 The Flatpack Kid

Humpty Egg is forever taking things apart to see how they work, but never puts them back together again, which means that the Egg household is in permanent chaos. After several warnings, Humpty is visited by DIY Dave who has a penchant for power tools.

New Gruesome Kid No 12


Purnellopy Underblanket is a terrible speller, but thinks she’s absolutely marvellous. Intent on coming top in the National Spelling Bee she listens to her ill-educated grandparents who are sure that there must be a bee somewhere in the world that can spell. So Purnellopy secretes a bee in her ear before the competition expecting it to ‘buzz’ her the answers.