Wednesday 24 August 2011

Exeter Living Issue 110

This month's Exeter Living  is promoting Devon Open Studios with a still from Grizzly Tales on page 19 and information on Honeycomb's exhibition and workshops.

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Series 8 Episode Guide

The Nuclear Wart starts with a dispute over oil (for a salad dressing)

Series 8 Episodes
1 The Blood Doctor 
2 The Hair Fairies
3 The Apostrophic Expositor 
4 Nerves of Steel 
5 The Worm 
6 Lazy Bones 
7 Frank Einstein’s Monster 
8 Nails In Her Coffin 
9 The Undertaker
10 Little Flower Girl 
11 The Wrap Man 
12 Old Macdonald’s Farm 
13 Nuclear Wart

Spindleshanks Returns

Spindleshanks is back in a special short, shot on Monkey Jam freeware with a webcam (best for spiders you know).

Nickelodeon competition winner Caitlin Milne and friend APJ, came into the Grizzly studios of Honeycomb Animation to shoot the one minute come back triumph.

Spindleshanks, who was rumoured to have retired to the south coast is believed to be thrilled to have been asked to perform again, though complained with a headache after the shoot.

Thursday 18 August 2011

New Grizzly Tales for Nick's Autumn Schedule

C21 have details of Nickelodeon's UK autumn offerings including Grizzly Tales series 8
You can find it HERE or on  the nickalive blog

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Beyond Grizzly Tales 8 Wolves Books

Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretal books are still available from Amazon.
Words by Ed Welch, designs by Sara & Simon Bor,
from Scholastic, publishers of the original Grizzly Tales books.

Both stories can be seen on Citv next week. Wolves Witches & Giants continues every weekday at 11.30

Wolves, Witches and Giants: Little Red Riding Hood (Wolves, Witches & Giants)Wolves, Witches and Giants: Hansel and Gretel (Wolves, Witches & Giants)

Series 8 coming soon Trailer

Grizzly Tales series 8 starts this autumn on NickToons in the UK and Ireland

Tuesday 2 August 2011

What's on Wednesday TV

Grizzly Tales on NickToons UK & Ireland

9.30am Silence is Golden - Her Majesty's Moley
6.30pm  Puppet on a String - The Soul Seeker
10.00pm  Kiss & Make Up - William the Conkerer

Wolves Witches & Giants on Citv

11.30am The Giant who put out the Sun - The Frog Prince - The Hunchback of Nottingham

Tonight @10 on NickToons

Tonight at 10pm Butcher Boy and Fruit Bat