Monday, 19 December 2011

Honeycomb's Christmas Specials

After the huge ratings success of Wolves Witches & Giants series 1, ITV gave the series two Christmas Specials to follow series 2 and 3.  German co producers RTV then ordered a third special, not shown in the UK until the series was reacquired by CiTV a couple of years ago. Aladdin uses a previously aired episode with clips, new linking material and songs performed by Ed Welch.

1996  Cinderella   A Wolves Witches & Giants Special  first broadcast on ITV 1
1997  Snow White  A Wolves Witches & Giants Special  first broadcast on ITV 1
1999  Aladdin  A Wolves Witches & Giants Special first broadcast on Pro 7  (Germany)

2001  Lost in the Snow based on the book by Ian Beck first broadcast on ITV 1 Buy from Amazon

2004 A Grizzly New Year's Tale - The Crystal Eye  A Grizzly Tales Special first broadcast on ITV 1

2007 A Funky Christmas  A Funky Valley Special first broadcast on Channel 5

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