Thursday, 17 March 2011

ITV Global goes Grizzly for MIP TV

Based on the best-selling series of books by Jamie Rix, Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids is back reinvented for a modern audience with even more twisted, dark stories to delight children everywhere.

In the tradition of Belloc, Stuuwlpeter and Grimm, Nigel Planer narrates as The Night Porter presiding over the Hotel Darkness in the bowels of the earth, where all naughty children end up, to pay their comeuppance for an eternity.

Each tale reveals the heinous crimes of bad boys and girls and revels in their gruesome punishment.

The stories inhabit a simple world of good and evil all served up with plenty of ghouls, ghosts, giant spiders and gore. Children who’ve adored the twisted, funny Grizzy Tales will be captivated by the vile horrors from this new collection.

Production Credit:
Grizzly TV for Nickelodeon

Series information:
Series 7  26 x 11
Also available 
Series 6: 13 x 10
Series 5: 13 x 10
Series 1 – 4: 52 x 10 minutes
A Grizzly Tales New Year’s Tale: 22 minutes